Oi polloi (Punk)

Artiste/Groupe : Oi polloi
Style : Punk
Titre : Thin green line
Adresse : http://www.myspace.com/oipolloialba
Pays : Ecosse
Année : 1990

Texte :

So here we are - a thin green line
Into the nineties, running out of time
Extinction of our planet has already begun
But don’t let them tell you nothing can be done
Some of us are angry and fighting back
Non-violent direct action is a means of attack
No, we’re not giving up without a fight
No nuclear plant here - we’re going to trash the site

Gotta be honest, gotta be blunt
If we really want to stop them we’ve got to sab the hunt
Smash that bulldozer, watch the flames go higher
Pull the plug and cut the wire
We get beaten up and sent to jail
But I don’t care if that’s what it takes to save the whales
Save our earth, save the wilderness land
Are you for us or against us ? Time to make your stand

See that whaling vessel sinking into brine
Taken out by a limpet mine
See those trees standing so tall
They’ve been spiked so they won’t fall
See that excavator going up in smoke
Sugar in the petrol tank - that’s no joke
Eco-sabotage in the dead of night
Like mushrooms break through concrete in the moonlight