Skinny puppy (Rock)

Artiste/Groupe : Skinny puppy
Style : Rock
Titre : Testure
Adresse :
Pays : Canada
Année : 1988

Texte :

in nervous convulsion
crouches infant ape
trembling in mother’s shit
cage eyes tear less
filled with contempt
clinic mask experiment with life and death
smell lingering noxious
mixed scent anxiety
omnipotent doctor grinds the cage door revealing
love’s primal instinct taken away
the tiny face terrified
rant and rave smash your head against the cage
vacuum clicks on high
conscious through the pain
pass off as humane
white coat seems so clean
most dirt bleached out
out of greed
force the point of habit
eyes burn in a rabbit
push the pain test button
spine’s cut
trip mucous inflection
more die pills each day
what goes around comes back stronger
tap into the brain
break the skull again
smash price research rat
lab rent pain in flesh
more ill drug store sales
sharpen the knife
emphasis on money
new disease everyday
end is seen and coming
research turns its back to gain
crush the spine genocide
kitten drags its dead limb
continuing all suffering
it will come back and win
shock paralyse
turn trauma burns out the will to live
the lying message
5 year genocide 1945
suicide VIVIsectVI