Kill your idols (Punk)

Artiste/Groupe : Kill your idols
Style : Punk
Titre : Fur is for fucks
Adresse :
Pays : Usa
Année : 2002

Texte :

Fur is for fucks, people who don’t care,
looking for status in the clothes the you wear.
As long as you look good, who cares about their pain,
animals killed for fashion ? How could you be so vain ?
You have no respect for life so why should I respect yours ?
Spending thousands on death just to be fashions whore.
How dare you choose which ones live or die,
it’s not just a product, these are fucking lives.
Fur is for fucks with hypocritical views,
ignoring the trappers and all that they do.
Viscous traps, and skins ripped from (their) hides,
how dare you decide who lives and who dies !

What you see as fashion, I see as a holocaust. You don’t care about their suffering, don’t care about the cost...