Disrupt (Punk)

Artiste/Groupe : Disrupt
Style : Punk
Titre : A life’s a life
Adresse : Pas de site web officiel
Pays : Usa
Année : 1992

Texte :

Countless creatures kept to die
Bash their brains to find out why
Electric shock induces stress
Void of results are these tests

It hasn’t helped us in the past
So why do you make their suffering last
Of course its ’cos you’re getting rich
You don’t care for life one bit

We’ve beat disease by changing ourselves
So take these cages off the shelves
We only want them to be free
A life’s a life why can’t you see ?

Test the limits of their mind
It sheds no light on humankind
The medical industry is a farce
Here’s where liberation starts

Placebos to keep you content
You know not where you money’s spent
You fund the labs which kill to cure
But are they true ? You can’t be sure

You don’t see what happens past those walls
If you did you’d be appalled
Our bodies are not structured the same
Liberation our final aim...

Vivisection is a scientific fraud !!